New roles!

Aniqua posted Jan 27, 17

Senior Membership is here! Bravo, Excelente, Splendido, ! This is the one! … Ehm cough well then… But how do I get it you ask? Well it’s simple, just put up with CA for a whole year and POOF it’s yours! Not that hard… Or is it…

We have another cool thing coming… Wait what… Cooler than becoming a Senior member? Yep! You bet!

This second role is called "CA Helper", a role that only senior members can apply for. What’s cool about this role is that it gives some extra perks! And what could these cool things be?

Well… clears throat insert movie trailer voice here: Have you ever been frustrated that a trialist shows up JUST as all staff members have magically disappeared? (Cause everyone knows staff are magical creatures…) Well have you? Ofc you have... shhhhh just go with it... 

Well wait no longer!

With this second new role you can now introduce a new trialist to CA yourself! You can see applications made, approve them when necessary, make their thread on the trial server, give them the trialist tag and a proper welcome into CA! This role also comes with another perk! And I know… what could possibly be cooler than helping out future CA members you say?! Well you can also drag their asses around, and all the other asses on the server… YAY?!

But use these powers wisely, cause with great power comes great responsibility… So don’t abuse them or mommy will take them away!

So Hype Hype Hype!

For all you old timers, the senior membership tag will be coming to you shortly! And when it comes we will be waiting for those sweet applications for the "CA Helper" role! You will find the application under "Members Info" in the Menu as soon as you have the "Senior Member" tag!

If you have the role on the website but not on the site or the other way around then just scream at a member of the staff and they will fix it! ;)